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Fab 5 Skills for Women

Self Paced Online

$29 Monthly

Become a Woman of Influence

This session will focus on our Fab Five Skills for Females. We'll share a review of each skill and dive into why they are the best skills for women. With each skill, we'll highlight some of the best places to use them in a conversation (like when you need to address patronizing behavior), why women are more naturally equipped to excel at using these skills, and also the nuances to be aware of when using them. As a bonus, we'll talk about the importance of tone and how women can navigate the late-night FM DJ voice, without sounding sultry.

Curated For Every Level

Early & Mid-Career Professionals

Drive more customers to your business, beat the competitors, and negotiate better deals with vendors, clients, and customers.

Ambitious, Goal-Oriented Individuals

Learn the skills you need to create more impactful relationships--whether in your career or in your personal life. 

Negotiation Experts

Intuition-based and neuroscience-founded, our nuanced course will challenge even negotiation gurus. 

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$29 Monthly


Online Self Paced




40 minutes + Quiz

The Instructor


Sandy Hein

Negotiation Instructor and Coach

Sandy began her career as a police officer in Alexandria, Virginia, and wore many hats during her 23-year stint, including 10 years as a hostage negotiator. She was also a certified instructor with the Virginia Department of Criminal Justice Services and served on the training faculty of the Virginia Sexual and Domestic Violence Action Alliance.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How long do I have access?

This is a monthly subscription and you will have access to watch the course over and over, as long as you want. Cancel your subscription at anytime. You will lose access upon canceling.

How do I access the course?

Once you have purchased you will be sent a link and temporary password to the platform, where you will be asked to change your temporary password. Your course will be waiting for you.

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