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Corporate Training

Enroll in our corporate negotiation training courses to increase the effectiveness of your team and get one step closer to the 94 percent success rate of hostage negotiators. 


Learn proven tactics from the world’s best negotiators.

Make better deals, develop new relationships, and uncover valuable pieces of information the other side is hiding. 



Keep your skills sharp.

It's only a matter of time before you encounter your next difficult negotiation. Enlist an expert from The Black Swan Group when the stakes are too high to go it alone. 

What is our corporate training process?

Negotiation training is made easy with The Black Swan Group.

Our custom sales and contract negotiation training sessions can help your team accomplish more.


Negotiation Experts

Our instructors have experienced the high-stakes world of hostage negotiation.

Flexible Formats

Whether it's in-person or virtual courses, we’ll pick a format that works best for you.

Training for Everyone

Our training can help negotiators of all skill levels.

Proven Results

On average, our clients become 20 percent more effective at negotiating.


Stronger Teams

Our training sessions double as incredible team-building exercises.


A Good Time

In addition to learning top-shelf negotiation skills, participants will also have fun!

Harness the Power of Tactical Empathy®

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