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Customized Coaching from the World’s Best Negotiators

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Nick Peluso speaking in a Black Swan coaching session.

What is negotiation coaching?

Some negotiations are just too important to go in alone. Our negotiation coaching pairs you with a Black Swan expert to help you build a strategy and walk through each step of your negotiation. Every coaching session is held virtually and recorded for your review.

Whether you're negotiating a business deal alone or with a small group, we're ready to help you reach the best possible outcome.



Get advice you can trust.

Our expert instructors have negotiated successfully when the stakes were highest. Our tried-and-true tactics are battle-tested and proven to deliver results.

We offer negotiation coaching for your most important engagements.

No matter what your needs are, our negotiation and leadership coaching services have got you covered.


Contact & Vendor Negotiations

Make sure you get the best terms when you enter new agreements.


Renegotiation of Existing Agreements

Revisit old contracts and get the biggest bang for your buck.

Mergers & Acquisitions

Get the most value and most favorable terms for your company.

Employee & Labor Relations

Keep your team happy and engaged during difficult times.


Procurement & Retention of Strategic Talent

Overcome pervasive labor shortages and win the war for talent.


Real Estate Transactions

Get the most value for your clients every time, whether they’re buying or selling.

Harness the Power of Tactical Empathy®

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Harness the Power of Tactical Empathy®

Better listening. Better questions. Better outcomes.

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